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Building Analytics Comparison Guide 

We have reached a rare industry-wide consensus on the importance of proactive maintenance. But how do you actually stop spending a majority of time putting out "fires" or sifting through false alarms? In this guide, we help you understand the building analytics software tools that will help you move from simply monitoring BMS alarms (messy!), to fault detection, to—ultimately—the promised land of fault detection AND diagnostics.


An in-depth guide to transformational fault detection & diagnostics (FDD)

The Building Analytics Comparison Guide is used by industry-leading facility teams and service provider organizations to make the jump from simply monitoring BAS alarms to truly optimized buildings and proactive staff. There are actually two kinds of FDD software: those that stop at the first “D” (Detection) and those that go all the way to Diagnostics.

This guide tells the story of the second "D" and why it's so important.


Written by Experts

Written in collaboration with Nexus Labs, an award-winning consultancy implementing analytics and FDD software as part of energy efficiency and commissioning projects across the US.

Filled With Actionable Tips

View specific examples of equipment data, analysis and outputs to help differentiate the software tools that will be truly diagnostic and transformative for your organization.

Diagnostics Deep-Dive

Learn about the three main steps to fulfill the potential of the second "D." Analysis Accuracy, Automated Root Cause Analysis, and Automated Prioritization.

About the Authors


James Dice
Nexus Labs

James Dice, PE, CEM, CMVP is the founder of Nexus Labs, a weekly blog, podcast, online school, and consultancy striving to create smarter, more efficient buildings. James has over 10 years of experience implementing
many types of analytics and FDD software as part of energy efficiency and commissioning projects across the US.


Dennis Krieger
Clockworks Analytics

As Director of Partner Success at Clockworks Analytics, Dennis supports
facility service companies using Clockworks to maintain building portfolios at peak performance.