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Automated Analytics. Smarter Facilities.

More than just alarms

Any BAS can identify an issue. We help you locate the root cause, group related faults, and provide clear recommended actions to resolve. 

Predictive, not reactive

Our expert system was built to make sense of the noise and direct your team to the highest impact issues today to avoid future failures.

An extension of your team

Clockworks is like having a team of engineers working around the clock to pinpoint your most important (and costly) issues.

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Built for your growth

Need to add new buildings or equipment? No problem. Our software was built to easily scale with you as you grow.


$37M Saved

Our automated analytics have helped customers save over $37M in avoidable costs...and counting!


Over 37k Tasks Completed

We gauge our success on issue resolution, which is why we pay so much attention to highlighting root cause diagnostics.


The Clockworks Advantage

Wicked Smart Software

Our Building Analytics Software takes the guesswork out of managing energy performance, indoor environment quality, and equipment operation.

A digital model of every piece of equipment is created. Control sequences, mechanical schedules, and data points combine to create a simulation of equipment operation. Every issue identified is prioritized by its impact to energy consumption, indoor environment, and equipment reliability. 

This analysis engine continuously evolves, with over a decade of engineering development across thousands of buildings across the world. 

Trusted by leaders in healthcare, university, corporate real estate, and facility management.


"FDD helps our team come up with solutions to larger systemic problems rather than putting out fires. This moves us toward efficiency and optimization in how we do our work and operate our buildings. We saved $780,000 in energy cost in the first year."

—Manager of Data Analytics, University of Iowa