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Transforming Facility Service

Harnessing Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) for Continuous Monitoring and Improved Service Delivery

Gradually, a transformation is underway among the commercial building mechanical and controls service providers. Innovative service business leaders are recognizing a significant opportunity to distinguish themselves, demonstrate their value to customers, and enhance the delivery of that value throughout their clients' organizations. More and more organizations are leveraging fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) software to transform their operations and mechanical service business.
Transforming Facility Service whitepaper



It’s no longer enough to be called in when there is a major problem or break—O&M service providers also need to help their customers strategically understand the operation of their facilities, the risk factors that they’re facing, and where they can provide long-term value. This includes driving sustainable energy reductions, prolonging equipment lifespan, and aiding in capital planning.

So, how do service providers solve for all these complex challenges? This whitepaper explicitly outlines how building analytics is revolutionizing facility service organizations in four major ways:

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Enhance Service Quality

Using Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) allows technicians to be proactive, instead of reactive, when providing maintenance on a fixed or seasonal schedule. 

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Strengthen Customer Relationships

By incorporating building analytics into the facility service delivery process, forward-thinking service providers can turn their solution-oriented technicians into trusted advisors to building owners.

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Boost Revenue

Analytics-based service organizations are more profitable because they leverage remote analysis, facilitate standard operating procedures across field offices, and drive more pull through revenue.
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Retain Talent and Train Staff

Building analytics aids in focusing technician efforts on addressing the most critical issues, prioritizing those with the greatest impact on indoor air quality, equipment health, or energy consumption.


Discover how Clockworks' Building Analytics platform can improve your service business today.

Predictive, Remote Monitoring

Help your clients avoid future failures. Our expert system was built to make sense of the noise and direct your team to the highest-impact issues. 

Root-Cause Diagnostics

Be prepared for every service. We help you locate the root-cause of issues and provide clear recommended actions to resolve. 

An Extension of Your Team

Clockworks is like having a team of engineers working around the clock to pinpoint your client's most important (and costly) issues.